Texas State Vehicle Inspection

Is it time for your annual Texas State Vehicle Inspection?

Safety is important for everyone on the road. And to make sure you keep your vehicle in top shape, Texas requires an annual state inspection to ensure all cars and trucks meet state safety standards.

During a state inspection all the safety features in an automobile are checked, from steering and tires to lights and seatbelts. The criteria depends on the type of vehicle you’re driving, take a look at the state's list of items that require testing during a Texas state inspection.

Some vehicles require emissions testing as well. Check the Texas state website for a list of counties that require annual emissions testing. If you live in a city that doesn’t require emissions testing, but you get your vehicle inspected in one that does, your vehicle will be tested.

For new residents, state inspections are required prior to registering your vehicle in Texas at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Make sure to schedule your inspection to occur within 5 days of when your registration sticker expires.

We know state inspections can be stressful, the mechanics and technicians at Service Street Auto Repair will help you understand the results of the inspection and be transparent about any necessary repairs.

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